The Better Way To Have Your Website Built

Grape Kiwi takes the headache out of building and maintaining your small business website.
  • We are available whenever you need to reach us for whatever reason.
  • No large up-front cost to your small business website.
  • No email, storage, or transfer limits on your website – ever.
  • Over a decade of experience in the web hosting and design industries.
  • Get your website found in major search engines without the added cost.

What To Expect And How The Process Works

Our website development process is fast, convenient, and transparent. Your website gets built quickly and without any hassle or headache. The following is our simple process, plain as day. It describes exactly what you can expect while your website is being built.
1Signup & Pay


Sign up for Grape Kiwi and pay your first month along with any one-time fees. This will allow us to register your domain name and SSL certificate if applicable and begin development online.
2Connect & Learn


3Choosing A Theme


We will send you about 5 design themes or template options for you to choose from which act as the foundation of your site. We also provide a site hierarchy and navigation as a starting point.
4Development Starts


The web development begins and we get the theme customized for you. We work with you and the content you provided in step 2 to get the site filled in with all of the appropriate information for your business.
5Content & Changes


You have 14 days from the date of sign-up to make unlimited content, image, and basic styling changes to the site. But don’t worry! after the initial 14 days we’ll be standing by for regular monthly updates!*
6Launch Your New Site


When all supplied content is inserted in the site and all looks good, we make your website visible to the world and ensure your email addresses are functioning as they should be.
The entire process can take as little as a few business days, and as long as a few weeks. This depends almost entirely on how quickly you’re able to send along page content. For the first 14 days there are unlimited updates, so you can be sure to get exactly what you want.

Get Started Today!

* That’s right, no tricks to be found anywhere! You get about 25 minutes of hands-on code or content changes every single month from our WordPress experts here at Websavers Inc.